Back to work – Covid 19 impact assessment

This current pandemic is unlikely to be the last of its kind. Lessons we learn from it will shape the way we design and occupy buildings in the future. This document addresses how to make our buildings safer whilst highlighting further strategies to protect occupants against similar events in the future. Please click on the image below to view the document. We have also created a quick guide which summarises the services we can provide. Please click on the link below the image to view the guide.



The services we can provide include: 

Return to work strategy - A comprehensive assessment and report of your space, enabling decision makers to make informed, evidence-based choices on both the optimal and safest way to return to the office.

Building systems review - A detailed document and occupancy review investigating if systems are working as designed and are at an appropriate capacity for use as well as, assessing potential
risks and offering mitigation options where appropriate.

Environmental monitoring - An ongoing assessment of indoor air quality which provides a user-friendly way to monitor the fresh air supply and environmental conditions in your building while, providing reassurance to occupants of the space.

Desk utilisation analysis - Looks to maximise the number of occupants for a given desk layout, whilst maintaining social distancing rules, within the constraints of the existing ventilation design.

Social distancing tracking - Tracks user behaviour through their space, providing alerts and reports on the effectiveness of social distancing measures and compliance with policies.

Space utilisation and communal spaces assessment - Designing for communal and downtime spaces to support the various human behavioural aspects and the impact of plants.

Lift and stair circulation - We can propose strategies to minimise disruption to people moving vertically through buildings, whilst maintaining compliance with social distancing measures.

Lift and toilet queue assessments - We can provide smart building solutions to limit occupancy in high-density areas such as toilets and lift lobbies, displaying conditions locally to help reduce the risk of breaching distancing rules.

Review of cycle facilities - Ensuring cycle facilities align with best practice guidance with the likelihood of increased demand due to avoidance of public transport.

Material choices - A review of the existing materials with suggestions of appropriate replacements where the risk of infection can be reduced.

Cleaning protocols and equipment - An assessment of your building’s existing cleaning and maintenance protocols and frequency, offering improvements with best practice advice, appropriate signage, personal hygiene support and equipment suggestions.

Touch free movement - A feasibility assessment, looking to enable occupant movement - especially to office accommodation and the route from hand washing facilities to the canteen - whilst reducing the likelihood of touching surfaces which could be contaminated.

For any queries on our Back to work post Covid-19 services, please contact Simon Wyatt who would be happy to help.