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Conference: Ecophon TABS Expert meeting, Sweden, 25-26 September 2014

Andrew Parkin, Acoustics Partner, was an official speaker at the Ecophon TABS (Thermally Active Building) Expert Meeting held at the Ecophon Headquarters in Helsingborg, Sweden from the 25th -26th September 2014.

The purpose of this event was to spread knowledge about sustainable work environments and show that combining TABS with good acoustics is possible. The meeting was been arranged by Ecophon and was part of the World Green Building Council’s event within World Green Building Week.

Andrew gave the opening speech, paving the way for the subject and the other speakers, setting the scene between both the thermal and acoustic needs (and potential conflicts) of buildings. This was then explored further in his lecture titled “Acoustics & TABS - A mismatch?”, where he used the new Birmingham office acoustic test results to illustrate his view.

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