Edwin Wealend

Head of Research and Innovation

London, United Kingdom

Who are you and what do you do?
I am a Chartered Engineer with over a decade of UK and international engineering experience and my current responsibilities include leading Research, Development and Innovation for the practice. This involves building and strengthening relationships with a variety of leading organisations, across academia and industry. I try to get involved in pretty much anything new and exciting in the practice, sometimes instigating it, and sometimes playing a more supporting role.

I am heavily involved in immersing young engineers in the use of digital tools, scripting, and coding, to automate and optimise existing processes, and invent new ones. My focus is on the use of these skills, combined with an in-depth knowledge of mechanical engineering and passive design to develop and explore optimal design solutions for our clients.

I also play a fairly active role in the industry as a whole, chairing CIBSE’s Air Quality working group, and sitting on their Knowledge Generation Panel.

In my spare time I’m also engineering director of a Victorian Funicular Railway.

What or who inspired you to be an engineer?
My dad was a design engineer, and like a lot of engineers I followed in his footsteps. I grew up in a house where I was encouraged to take things apart and try to put things back together again, often with little success, but lots of guidance. I also grew up with a love of science in general, as my mother was a science teacher, and so probably more than most I really enjoy the academic side of engineering as well.

What made you decide to join Cundall?
The international nature of the company, its sustainability credentials, and the opportunity to join a company which was the right size, growing organically, and partner owned.

What do you enjoy most about your role?
It’s a bit clichéd in engineering, but it really is a lifetime of learning. Whilst the buildings have stayed roughly the same size and shape since I started my career, I have been lucky enough to have been involved in the construction industry in probably its most dynamic period since the industrial revolution. The challenges of climate change, health, and digital engineering change almost weekly at the moment

What are you most proud of in your career to-date?
That’s a tough one. I think my work in education has probably had the most meaningful impact on the industry and my career. I was involved in setting the standards for the Priority Schools Building Programme and have continued to work on government education projects since. It’s great to see the result of your work form the basis of designs which are taking shape across the country, even if there’s still work to be done on making them fit for the future.

Tell us the most interesting thing you have learnt or experienced in your time at Cundall
I was lucky enough to spend nearly 5 years working and living in our Shanghai and Hong Kong offices, and there’s too many amazing experiences from that period to pick just a single one.


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At Cundall, we place special importance on our early careers professionals (graduates, apprentices, interns and more), understanding that they are the future of our business and the key to our long-term, sustainable growth. 

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