Zoe Neill

Sustainable Design Consultant

Sydney, Australia

Who are you & what do you do?
As a Sustainable Design Consultant based in the Sydney office, I’m involved in multiple Green Star projects (including office refurbishments, new commercial and office builds, residential apartments and healthcare buildings) as well as compliance projects where Cundall builds JV3 or First-Rate models to ensure new buildings and future updates meet the required NSW regulations. I’m also a keen networker and volunteer at industry charity events and actively involved in promoting Cunball’s Beyond Report.

What or who inspired you to do what you do?
I was first inspired to become a Sustainable Design Consultant by my end-of-the-year’s UNSW lecturer. I found the Low Energy Buildings course and the workshop he ran on Building Design was interesting and challenging - finding new ways to improve building performance through informed changes as well as trial and error. Most importantly, the subject was fun and relevant to me. Sustainability and building design has such a huge impact on everyone, given the amount of time we spend indoors.

What made you decide to join Cundall?
The Sydney office, although it has grown a lot since I started, is a key factor in my decision to join Cundall and stay there. There is a true sense of community and team spirit which I imagine is hard to create in a bigger office. I love how the offices around the world work together both socially and professionally. I think the common vision shared by the staff (or "Cundallites") is fundamental in establishing the Cundall community. It is the driver behind Cundall’s leadership in the industry. There is a genuine interest by all “Cundallites” to further sustainability at work and at home

What do you enjoy most about what you do?
One of my favourite parts about my job is succeeding in resolving difficult issues. Not only is it rewarding to complete the work but to have helped the client achieve their goals. I think that sometimes, sustainability is undervalued. This is why it is refreshing to be able to really prove the importance of our contribution on a project. I also enjoy any opportunity to network and tell others about our successes and the amazing work conditions at the office.

What are you working on at the moment?
At the moment, I’m working on seven different Green Star projects and two residential modelling projects. It's a big number of projects to keep track of but the diversity in issues, clients and processes means that there is never an opportunity to get too comfortable and bored.

Tell us the most interesting thing you have learnt or experienced in your time at Cundall
I have learnt so many interesting things while working at Cundall, from new technologies, new rating tools and their incentives, to industry gossip and scandals. In particular, Cundall hosts lunchtime knowledge sharing presentations to encourage all the disciplines to better know one another. At one of these sessions, the acoustic director explained the complexity of designing a concert hall, and in particular, that the chairs must be made out of material that will reverberate sound the same with or without a person sitting in it. It was interesting to consider the level of detail that went into these places. I now have even more appreciation for an empty concert hall – other than just the pleasure of a free seat next to me!.

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Cundall Sustainability Policy

Sustainability is fundamental to our business. Our Sustainability Policy is signed by all Cundall Partners and states that we will reduce both our own environmental impact and the impact of the projects we work on.

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