Benjamin Pascua

Principal Mechanical Engineer

Singapore, Singapore

Who are you and what do you do?
I am a Principal Mechanical Engineer with over 18 years’ experience in mechanical and public health design of buildings and infrastructure. I have experience of working in the Middle East (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Dubai and Abu Dhabi). My tasks range from project management to designing and coordinating with other engineering disciplines from concept design all the way through to construction.

What made you decide to join Cundall?
I re-joined Cundall in May 2014. Cundall is different in terms of our work culture and the progressive approach to problem solving. We have a small team in Singapore, the advantage of this being that I am in close proximity to my co-workers and am able to walk through and address problems easily with my colleagues. Collaboration and knowledge sharing is greatly encouraged within the team. Cundall is also supportive in growing the employee skills and knowledge through continual development. Friendly colleagues and a friendly environment also influenced me to re-join Cundall.

What do you enjoy most about your role?
Working and collaborating with architects and other engineering disciplines on the projects always gives you the opportunity to learn something new. This new knowledge and experience that I have gained can be applied to other projects thereby reducing the error and time spend to complete tasks.

What are you most proud of in your career to-date?
I’ve had the opportunity to work on subway stations, tunnels and industrial buildings. It gratifies me that my contributions have played an important role and influenced project outcomes. I am most proud of the five Metro Rail Train Tunnels project as it is the most challenging project that I have been involved with to date. The project involved public health services for all substations, and the challenge was to give the preliminary design in a two week period. I managed to complete the design on time but the design was submitted using my hand drawn sketches, fortunately the submission was accepted by the client.

Tell us the most interesting thing you have learnt or experienced in your time at Cundall
As an employee of the business, I have learned that although it is of great importance the we provide the highest level of service to the client through all stages of a project, it is also important to ensure a profitable return on projects so that we can continue to invest in the practice.


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