We only have one planet and must act now to protect it for future generations. We work with our staff, clients and the industry to achieve a sustainable outcome in everything we do and improve the built environment.

Cundall is committed to providing people with the knowledge, skills and enthusiasm to make a difference: in our homes, our offices, our projects, our industry and our community. We are the world’s first consultancy to be formally endorsed as a One Planet Company by sustainability charity BioRegional.

Over the years, we have delivered many exemplar green buildings and have built up an international sustainable design expertise that is second to none.

Our sustainability policy
Our sustainability policy establishes clear objectives to maintain our position as a leader in sustainability in the built environment, and contains core commitments relating to:

  • Our business - monitoring and reducing direct impacts such as energy, travel and paper.
  • People and community - giving our staff the skills and enthusiasm to deliver sustainable solutions and making a positive impact on communities.
  • Projects - reducing the environmental impact of the buildings we design.
  • Leadership - actively involved in shaping the built environment for the future.

Our sustainability roadmap 
Our roadmap illustrates our journey so far, what we are doing today, and most importantly, where we are heading. It sets out our vision for a more sustainable future, establishes challenging targets, and describes some key actions to achieve these.

We regularly issue sustainability reports which describe our environmental and social performance.

We are justifiably proud of our achievements to date in reducing the environmental impact of our business and our projects, and in driving change in the property industry in all of the countries where we operate. We look forward to continuing to play a full and active role in transforming the built environment to respond positively to the many challenges ahead.

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Nine ways we are reducing our paper consumption in Doha

For the second year running, Cundall’s Doha office took part in Qatar Green Building Council’s annual No Paper Day.

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Cundall's Annual Sustainability Reports

Cundall is the World's first consultancy to be formally endorsed as a One Planet Company.  These reports provide an overview of our performance in each financial year against our One Planet Action Plan, which was agreed with Bioregional in July 2012.

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What Colour Is Your Building?- 30 Minute Summary

The book was published in 2013 by RIBA Publishing and is available to purchase from RIBA Bookshops, Amazon and other technical booksellers. It has received widespread acclaim as an accessible and practical guide to reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions in buildings.

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Cundall's engineering consultancy services cover the entire life cycle of any building project. Clients find our ‘total solutions’ approach saves them time, money and effort.

We will add value to your project by opening our minds, exchanging ideas and thinking creatively.


Cundall's expertise extends to all major markets, so we have a deep understanding of the specific issues, constraints and opportunities facing our clients' market sectors.

Our team of creative engineers draw on our accumulated knowledge to devise the best possible solutions for your project in a fully integrated and cost-effective way.

About us

Established in the UK 40 years ago, Cundall has developed into an international multi-disciplinary consultancy operating from over 20 locations across the globe.