Wojtek Stec



Warsaw, Poland
+48 79 4723 840

Wojtek is the key contact for Cundall's Poland office.

Wojtek is an Environmental Engineer, who joined the Practice in November 2006. He is currently leading our office in Poland.

He specialises in advanced use of computational fluid dynamic (CFD) simulation tools working in such areas as data centres analyses, pedestrian wind comfort, ventilation system efficiencies, draft issues, natural ventilation, thermal bridging and flue/heat dispersion.

Wojtek also has considerable experience in the low-energy and sustainable building design. He has an extensive experience of designing passive buildings for a wide range of building types and forms. He has completed his PhD degree at the Technical University in Delft, The Netherlands in the area of façade design, double skin facades, natural ventilation and integration of passive and active design of the building.

Wojtek is a LEED AP, licensed Code for Sustainability Homes Assessor as well as a registered Low Carbon Energy Assessor. He has carried out a large number of energy performance studies, LEED and BREEAM assessments for developments of various types, sizes and locations.

His hobbies include architecture, history, sport (mainly cross country skiing, running, volleyball), mountains, travelling, classic cars and many others.


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Bukowice - Low energy detached house

Cundall's expertise in designing low energy residential buildings helped to achieve a heating energy demand level of 23kWh/m² p.a., even with the extended building form and high degree of glazing. At the same time, a high level of thermal and daylighting comfort was ensured.

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Facebook Luleå

Cundall was awarded the engineering and design contract for the second phase of Facebook’s new European energy efficient data centre campus in Luleå, Sweden, close to the Arctic Circle.

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Stara Mennica

The proposal is to relocate the existing Mint factory from its original location in the center of Warsaw and regenerate the site to construct the mixed office and commercial development.

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